History of the Empire


169 IR – Current Year

87-89 IR – The Unification. Armies of Arenvale liberate the neighbouring countries from the remainder of the Darkness Armies and grant them entry into the empire as provinces, to perpetually enjoy the protection of the Empire.

86-87 IR – Liberation. Under the guidance of, then duke of Glaverel, Priatok Zill, the Liberation Heroes act out the king’s plan, freeing Arenvale one city at a time and hunting down the dragons before laying siege to Thundergate and finally freeing the country as a whole in early spring of 87.

83 IR – The Darkness War. Arenvale and its neighbours fall to a sudden attack by unified evil forces led by dragons. During the course of this war, the Gods disappear.
King Arbaneus Stormstrider IV goes into hiding.

66 IR – The WInter War. Arenvale forces occupy eastern Korsani in a surprise mid-winter attack. They are pushed back in spring, but Eleronai remains under Arenvale rule henceforth.

49 IR – Duke Semeros Zill of Glaverel is discovered to be conspiring against the throne and banished. His brother Prekor is appointed duke.

0 IR – Arbaneus Stormstrider I, once the commander of a Nerathian legion, secures fealty from several major cities, founding the kingdom of Arenvale in the area known today as the Stormlands and begins rebuilding after the fall of Nerath. Other cities resist him, forming into their own minor nations, most of whom are imperial provinces today.

-14 IR – The last vestiges of Nerathian influence and government finally fade away, and the once grand empire is but a memory.

-47 IR – With the orc threat contained, the military of Nerath turns inwards as civil wars break out and the empire begins to fracture into seperate city-states.

-49 IR – Massive hordes of Demon-worshipping Orcs assail Nerath on practically all sides.

-478 IR – Disparate nations and states are united into the glorious Nerathian empire.

History of the Empire

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